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The Freedom Fighters


They fought with their hearts

and with good intentions.

BlackMen like Crispus Attucks, who was

slained at the Boston Massacre in 1770

fighting for freedom like Dr. Martian Luther King.

He to had a dream, to walk among

The whites as equal men,


Now follow me through the underground

railroad with Harriet Tubman, and talk to

Sojourner Truth and fight with Chief Bowles

Hunter in the last battle against the whites

In Texas. Fredrick Douglas and David Ruggles

educated men but also soldiers. George Washington

Carver inventor of paints, plastic ,cosmetic dyes

and nitroglycerin all from the peanut.


Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey and even

 Rosa Parks Abraham Lincoln and Thurgood Marshall.

All these people were freedom fighters are freedom

fighters and will always be freedom fighters and may

they RIP.


The Poet Joseph

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